Born in England, made in France

Born in England

made in France !

Andrew Simpson, founder of l’homme élégant, is an English native speaking fluent French having lived and worked between Paris and London as a dating and lifestyle coach since 2016. Initially Andrew Simpson studied Computer Science (BSc Hons) at Durham University, followed by a Master’s Degree in Professional Legal Translation and Interpreting at Newcastle University, and then went on to work as a University lecturer for 6 years across three leading red-brick Universities in England. Andrew was subsequently head-hunted to work as interpreter for several Premier League football clubs before evolving in his career.

Perfecting his skills as lead coach alongside some of the top dating coaches in the world (Kezia Noble in London and Morning Kiss in Paris), Andrew was able to gain a unique Franco-English identity and style to seduction, sartorialism, and dating which are the hallmark of L’homme élégant – as well as using his pedagogical expertise to ensure that coaching is structured and delivered to a tee.

In September 2017, Andrew Simpson was invited to participate in a France 2 report as an expert in dating and seduction in Paris.

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Andrew Simpson bares all

What was the motivation behind the creation of L’Homme élégant?

L’Homme élégant responds to two needs: (i) a gap in the market for the successful man who has worked hard on his career and profession, but has neglected his sentimental life and wishes to bring this up to speed. We offer a discreet service which will form an integral part of each man’s personal toolkit to be used whenever he comes face to face with a lady he wants to bring into his life; this is not about running around the streets with groups of ‘wingmen’ and chasing any girl that will say yes; it is about adopting a seductive state of mind and being, which can be used unsparingly whenever the opportunity presents itself throughout everyday life; and (ii) the need for a much more personal, bespoke service which listens to men’s needs on an individual basis. Here at L’Homme élégant we put our stamp on each individual by ensuring a one-on-one service. Our taster sessions and bumper packages as well as VIP sessions are only ever one-on-one – meaning that each individual man coming to us has expert advice and coaching from a single coach, backed up by female insights to ensure a solid foundation. This has the added bonus of guaranteeing that the men that come to us are able to freely express themselves without any judgement or imposition from other participants, and also ensures that everything that happens in the four walls of L’Homme élégant stays within our four walls. This is why we stay away from intrusive social media.

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What makes L’Homme élégant different to
the other dating coaches out there?

Several things. As mentioned, the one-on-one aspect of many of our coaching sessions which guarantees discretion and personability which are so lacking at present on the dating coaching market here in France.
There is no ‘generic’ advice following a set of principles or educational-style curriculum which neglects the individuality of each man consulting us. Our focus, from day 1, is on the individual needs and ensuring that our coaching is based around this.

Moreover, we do not class ourselves merely as a dating coaching service but more a lifestyle coaching service. We aim to make seduction a part of who each gentleman is who comes to us. We don’t believe in flicking a switch and learning any canned lines as some dating coaches offer; we make seduction a core part of our men’s’ inner being. Subtle and effective.

Our specialism lies in refining all aspects of seduction and lifestyle – not just what is said, but also body language, style, tone of voice, eye contact, how to carry oneself and how to act. Once all of these micro-adjustments are fine-tuned, we then move on to conversational aspects and how to make lasting impact on the people who you meet by ensuring that you make a solid, deep emotional connection. This is, believe it or not, a skill which can be worked on and will ensure that you become the unforgettable gentleman she just has to see again.

Finally, here at L’Homme élégant, we also have women who will work with our men to ensure that there is a balanced viewpoint. Our expert wing girls will offer the view of a high-quality woman on all aspects of the man – from his style to his conversation. Along with our coaching expertise, these women will be on hand for demonstrations, real-life simulations in a secure environment, and real-life date simulations – ensuring that once your big moment comes, you’ll be prepared.

Why Paris ?

I came to Paris for business and wanted to attract the high-quality women that live in this beautiful city. Upon arrival, I was able to meet and attract some of the most attractive women through the inner lifestyle changes that I had been working on for many years in London and here in Paris. Once you realise that these lifestyle changes can have wide-sweeping results, why would you not want to meet women in Paris? It is, after all the city of love (at least for those who are able to act!).

Can you guarantee results?

This all depends on what you mean by the word results! If you mean that results are a clear change in a man’s mindset, in his perception of what he is able to achieve, and what can be achieved with work and energy, then yes, results are guaranteed. However, as with every major change in life, hard work and devotion are required. We all work at different rates, this is the very importance of coming to L’Homme élégant – thanks to treating our men as individuals, we are able to quickly outline a plan of action to be followed which will lead men to see a change in their results as soon as it is adopted. In all cases, if our advice is followed and work is undertaken, men will see an improvement in their situation, for sure

Why not just use dating apps?

Dating apps took over the dating scene by storm thanks to the advancement of smartphones and our need to get things done more and more quickly. Unfortunately, the art of meeting, seducing, and dating has suffered. However, in recent years, the dating app phenomenon is dying a death and people are becoming increasingly frustrated with endless non-responses, horrendous dating experiences and the loss of social skills. Many men have lost the connection with their own ability to go and approach a perfect stranger and create a connection and, as a result, do not have the confidence to meet and date the beautiful women they cross paths with every day of the week. L’homme élégant is offering a remedy to the dating app hangover and letting men live a refreshing break with the digital era by putting down the telephone and meeting beautiful women face to face, before the date is even on the cards. We believe that this sets our men out from the crowd – which makes them ultimately more attractive to the female sex. It also leads to more equality as both man and woman can decide if they wish to take an interaction further before committing to a date – therefore saving a lot of time, effort, energy and financial investment. The inherent purpose of an online dating business is to thrive on relationships that don’t last – so as clients return, disillusioned, and continue to spend so as to find their ‘one true love’. Without failed relationships these businesses would not be sustainable. However, the skills that we prone are entirely transferrable. Although we cannot guarantee a successful relationship with every encounter, we can guarantee that the skills you acquire when working with us will be recyclable and there will be no need to keep coming back to us.

Also, to bring things back to a more human level, the old ways are the best. My grandad was born when mobile telephones had not been invented and he met my grandmother by approaching her as she sold ice creams in a picture house. He spoke with her, took her on a date, and they enjoyed a happy marriage until the day he died. This is an art form which has become lost on the modern man. We are striving to bring this back, and no dating app can recreate such a romantic story, I’m sure you’ll agree!

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